Abdirahman’s Page

“Surely, humanity is in loss. Except that who have faith,do goodand urge each other to the truth and urge each other to perseverance” ~ Quran 103:02-03

Abdirahman Ali
2021-2022 Outreach Coordinator


Salam everyone! I’m Abdirahman, MSA’s Outreach Coordinator! I’m currently a sophomore majoring in Computer Science at the U. I live in Minneapolis, Minnesota. I joined MSA because it is an opportunity to leave a positive impact on the Muslim population here.

  • Tigers or Cheetahs? CHEETAHS
  • Goku or Vegeta? VEGETA, OFC
  • John Cena or Randy Orton? JOHN CENA
  • Kevin Durant or Giannis  Antetokounmpo? GIANNIS  ANTETOKOUNMPO
  • Tracy Mcgrady or Scottie Pippen? TRACY MCGRADY 
  • First man on the moon or first man on the sun? FIRST MAN ON THE SUN
  • Eat fried T-rex or eat fried Pterodactyl? FRIED PTERODAYCTAL
  • Pet goat or Pet sheep? PET GOAT 
  • Fight 3 chimps with armor, a sword and a shield or work on your toxic behavior issues? FIGHT 3 CHIMPS WITH ARMOR, A SWORD AND A SHIELD