Ahmed S. Page

“And bepatientwith gracious patience” ~ Quran 70:5

Ahmed Shahkhan
2021-2022 Events Coordinator


Salam everyone! I’m Ahmed Shahkhan, MSA’s Event Coordinator! I’m a sophomore majoring in Computer Science at the U. I’m from Hyderabad and Blaine, MN and I joined the MSA because I want to connect more with my Muslim friends because this is something I always wished for and never had in high school. Being with like-minded brothers who live life like I do is the biggest blessing. Something you should know about me is that you can’t beat me in basketball one-on-one.

  • Basketball or Basketball? BASKETBALL!
  • Jogging or Biking? JOGGING!
  • NBA or NFL? NBA!
  • iOS or Android? iOS!
  • Crypto or Stokes? CRYPTO! 
  • Mangoes or any other fruit? MANGOES ALL DAY!
  • Gatorade or Juice? GATORADE!
  • Pencil or Pen? PEN!
  • Rainy Jogging or Sunny Jogging? RAINY JOGGING VIBESSS!