Ahmed’s Page

“˹They say,˺ “Our Lord! Do not let our hearts deviate after you have guided us. Grant us Your mercy. You are indeed The Giver ˹of all bounties˺.” ~ Quran 3:8

Ahmed Kadar
2021-2022 Jummah Coordinator


Salam everyone! I’m Ahmed, MSA’s Jummah Coordinator! I’m a freshman majoring in Computer Science at the U. I’m from Minneapolis and as for why I joined the MSA, I just stumbled on it, to be honest, and It was an opportunity so I ran with it. If I were to describe myself, I’d say that I’m a laid-back type of guy.

  • Attend a party or Host? ATTEND A PARTY!
  • Lose sleep or Skip a meal? SKIP A MEAL!
  • Sweating or Shivering? SWEATING
  • Ambition or Comfort? AMBITION
  • Sneakers or Dress shoes? SNEAKERS 
  • Fiction or Non-fiction? NON-FICTION 
  • Cash or Credit? CASH
  • Patterned or Plain?  PATTERNED
  • Reality show or Documentary? DOCUMENTARY