Amaan Page

“And He found you lost andguidedyou” ~ Quran 93:07

Amaan Siddiqui
2021-2022 Co-Treasurer

Salam everyone! I’m Amaan, MSA’s Treasurer! I’m currently a sophomore majoring in Mechanical Engineering at the U. I’m from Eagan, Minnesota. I joined the MSA because I wanted to be involved in the Muslim community on campus. I also desired to have a board role in MSA in order to learn skills that I know will be important in my future.

  • Cats or Dogs? CATS
  • Pancakes or Waffles? PANCAKES
  • Movies or TV shows? TV SHOWS
  • Mac or Windows? MAC
  • Chicken or Beef? BEEF
  • Board games or Video games? VIDEO GAMES
  • Jogging or Biking? BIKING
  • Coke or Pepsi? PEPSI
  • Fall or Spring? FALL