Husaam’s Page

Do you preach righteousness and fail to practice it yourselves,althoughyou read the Scripture? Do you not understand? ~ Quran 2:44

Husaam Qureishy
2022-2023 Internal Vice President

My name is Husaam, I’ll be vice president this year iA. I joined MSA because I know how much ajr there is in da’wah and community building within Islam, all that was left was to somehow force myself to do it. I recall learning from my teachers that when it comes to doing good, do it first then think later so I accepted responsibilities without thinking much and here I am alhamdulillah…

  • Pizza or Burgers? PIZZA
  • Football or Soccer? FOOTBALL
  • Fall or spring: fall Add individual feedback

Biggest Pet Peeve

The existence of certain people

  • Indoor or Outdoor? OUTDOOR
  • Day or night? Night
  • Serious or laid back? Laid back
  • Regret or forget? Forget
  • Cat or family? Cat
  • Hungry or Thirsty? Thirsty