Maaz’s Page

“Surely, humanity is in loss. Except that who have faith,do goodand urge each other to the truth and urge each other to perseverance” ~ Quran 103:02-03

Maaz Mohammad
2022-2023 Treasurer

My name is Maaz Mohammad. I am currently a co-treasurer with the man himself Ismail. I help manage funds to create great events for y’all! I joined MSA to help others and help give them a great UMN Muslim experience.

  • Day or Night? Night
  • Ketchup or Ranch? Ranch
  • Passenger or driver? Driver
  • Hot or Cold? Cold
  • The boys or the boys? The boys
  • Chocolate or Vanilla? Caramel
  • Football or Soccer? Football (the actual one)
  • Sweet or Sour? Sour
  • This or That? This

Biggest Pet Peeve