Nura’s Page

“Light upon light. Allah guides to His light whomHe wills.And Allah presents examples for the people, and Allah is Knowing of all things.” Quran 24:35

Nura Agami
2022-2023 Co-Vice President

Salaaamzzz peeps! I’m Nura Agami, your External Vice President this year! I’m an Egyptian-American girl living in a crazy world, haha 🙂 I joined MSA to surround myself with Muslims who will help me become a better person, and ultimately bring me a step closer to paradise inshallah. I love anything architecture related, practicing Arabic calligraphy, eating sushi (cooked only!), and any matcha drink 🙂 Please reach out to me with anything MSA related, shukrraaaan!!

  • Iced Matcha or Iced Coffee? ICED MATCHA!!
  • Marc Spector or Steven Grant? JAKE LOCKLEY (jk we know its steven with a V)
  • Diriliş Ertuğrul or Kuruluş Osman? ERTUGRUL BEY 4 LIFE!
  • Disney Plus or Netflix? DISNEY PLUS
  • Fall Guys or Fortnite? FALL GUYS!
  • Elliptical or Dumbbells? NEITHER, I HATE GYMS!
  • Laban or Laban? LABAN, aint no such thing as Haleeb!
  • Kids or Adults? KIDDIES!
  • Straight Hair or Curly Hair? CURLZ ALL DAY!

Biggest pet peeve

Chapped lips, like hon it’s the 21st century, get your life together

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