Sana’s Page

“For which of thebountiesof your Lord will you deny?” ~ Quran 55:13

Sana Alam
2021-2022 Co-President

Salam everyone! I’m Sana, MSA’s Co-President! I’m a senior majoring in Biology, Society, and Environment at the U. I’m from Zazai, Afghanistan. I joined the MSA because I wanted to serve the Muslims on campus and give da’wah. Fun fact: I am a medical interpreter.

  • Pizza or Burgers? PIZZA
  • Football or Soccer? FOOTBALL
  • Raspberries or Strawberries? RASPBERRIES
  • Indoor or Outdoor? OUTDOOR
  • Pen or Pencil? PENCIL
  • Ocean or Mountain? MOUNTAIN
  • Pineapple pizza or Candy corn? PINEAPPLE PIZZA
  • Zombies or Vampires? VAMPIRES
  • Painful truth or Comforting lie? PAINFUL TRUTH