Ahmed’s Page

“˹It is˺ they who have patientlyendured, and in their Lord they put their trust.” ~ Quran 16:42

Ahmed Shahkhan
2022-2023 Events Coordinator


Salam everyone! I’m Ahmed Shahkhan, MSA’s Event Coordinator! I’m a sophomore majoring in Computer Science at the U. I’m from Hyderabad, India and Blaine, MN. I joined the MSA a year ago because I wanted to connect more with my Muslim friends. This is something I always wished for and never had in high school. Being with like-minded brothers who live life like I do and remind you of Allah is the biggest blessing.

  • Done
  • Basketball or Basketball? BASKETBALL!
  • Jogging or biking? JOGGING!
  • iOS or Android? iOS!
  • NFL or NBA? NBA!
  • Gatorade or Juice? GATORADE
  • Crypto or Stocks? CRYPTO!
  • Sam or Bakri? SAM BAKRI!

Biggest Pet Peeve