We’ve all heard the word Da’wah before. For some it raises questions and for others it might cause worry, “How do I give da’wah? Do I have enough knowledge about Islam to give Da’wah? What do I do if I’m faced with a question I can’t answer?”

Da’wah is an opportunity to share with others what you know about Islam. A hadith reported in Jaami’ Tirmidhi states “Whoever directs someone to do good is like one who has do it”. It is an amazing way to honor the living tradition of the Prophet (SAW).

UMN-TC da’wah crew applications are now open!! Help revive the sunnah of the Prophet (SAW). Teach others what you know, and learn from everyone around you! Build valuable communication skills and confidence in your abilities!


What is Da’wah in Islam?

Da’wah is to invite anyone, Muslims and non-Muslims, to understand how the worship of Allah (God) is described in the Quran & the Sunnah of the Prophet (peace be upon him), and how that is practiced in Islam. Giving Da’wah entails that a person gives advice & guidance on making good choices and how to live an Islamic lifestyle.

Ask the people of knowledge if you do not know.”


Who can give Da’wah?

The idea that you need to be a top-class scholar with 10+ years of experience to be able to give Da’wah isn’t entirely accurate. As long as what you teach is correct (i.e. is a verified verse, narration or ruling), anyone can teach whatever they’ve learned. We’ve developed this idea in Islam that unless you go the scholarly route – you cannot teach others about Islam. The Prophet himself informed us that if all you can teach an individual is the only verse in the entirety of the Quran that you know, then share that knowledge, because something is always better than nothing.

Nobody, no matter how far they climb the scholarship ladder, will NEVER learn enough. Everybody can always learn something new. There will always be something more to learn. Imam Malik (may Allah have mercy on him), said, “It is not befitting for anyone with knowledge to give up learning.” [Jami Bayan al-Ilm 423]

Above every possessor of knowledge, there is someone more knowledgeable.


How can I get involved with Da’wah on campus?

Da’wah Crew is a sector of MSA that deals with giving da’wah on campus. We host a variety of events & activities where we give da’wah to Muslims and non-Muslims alike! Do you need any experience giving Da’wah to apply? Absolutely not! Anyone interested can apply to be a part of the crew! Here is a general list of roles and responsibilities of a Da’wah Crew member:

Da’wah Crew Roles & Responsibilities

  • Be an Islamic role model in your personal life
  • Act respectfully & kind with others
  • Be willing to learn & grow
  • Do not force your views upon others
  • Have faith dialogues, not monologues 

  • Attend & represent at MSA events
  • Present Islam through an understandable angle 
  • Help setup and takedown tables for da’wah
  • Be a resource for those interested in learning more
  • Interact & engage with people of different faiths

Introducing our Female Da’wah Coordinator for 2022-2023!

Munira Farah
Major: Human Physiology
Graduation Year: 2023

“In their stories there is truly a lesson for people of reason. This message cannot be a fabrication, rather ˹it is˺ a confirmation of previous revelation, a detailed explanation of all things, a guide, and a mercy for people of faith.” (12:111)

“Verily there is a lesson in this for everyone who has a (sound) heart and who listens with an attentive mind.” (Q50:37)

As-Salaamu ‘Aleykum everybody! For the next year I have been blessed with the opportunity of being the Da’wah Coordinator. For this year in the purest of intentions I pray that Allah allows us all to grow and learn from one another, to create friendships for His sake that help in our self-betterment and in bringing us closer to Him and to allow us to benefit from this goodness, not just in this world but in the hereafter as well.

This year I hope to help in creating an environment of learning that feels safe for Muslim and Non-muslim students alike. I hope to create an environment where no one feels the need to shy away from asking questions they may have, or the feeling that their voices and opinions on different topics will not be heard and respected. I believe there is a great importance in asking questions, no matter how simple the answer may seem, in order to increase knowledge. Through these questions, we are able to have healthy and beneficial conversations that I hope will end with everyone leaving with more than they came into the conversation with.

My purpose for the course of this year is to welcome individual experiences and better show the application of Islam in our daily lives. I pray that we all benefit from one another.

Giving da’wah is important to me because Islam is a very important part of who I am. Islam has shaped the way I interact with people and how I choose to live my life. Being able to understand Islam, being able to understand Allah’s mercy, His justice, His love for His creation among so many other things, is a gift that He has given us and is one I hope to share with whoever He has willed for me to share it with. There are many misconceptions about Da’wah and who can give it and how much knowledge one should possess in order to give Da’wah.

Da’wah begins with ourselves and therefore you should never shy away from an opportunity to share the message of our beautiful way of life. While keeping that in mind, never feel like you need to have the answer to every question you are asked. In the event that you are not sure of something, there is nothing wrong with saying, “I am afraid I do not know the answer to this”. Remember, the best da’wah you can give as a Muslim is through your actions 🙂 May Allah reward you all for the efforts you put in for His sake!

Introducing our Male Da’wah Coordinator for 2022-2023!

Faisal Naseem
Major: Bioproducts and Biosystems Engineering
Graduation Year: 2023

Above every possessor of knowledge, there is someone more knowledgeable. (12:76)

Mughirah reported: Al-Sha’bi, may Allah have mercy on him, said, “The statement ‘I do not know’ is one half of knowledge”.

Salam everybody! This upcoming year I have the honor and privilege of being your Male Da’wah Coordinator Inshallah. I pray that Allah allows all of us to benefit from the programs that the MSA will be hosting throughout the year! Additionally, I hope we are able to continue bettering ourselves; whether that be religiously, academically, or personally. I hope that we are all able to use this year as an opportunity to learn from each other and learn from our unique lived experiences God willing. 

My goal this year as your male da’wah coordinator is to create a safe space for Muslims and non-Muslims alike to ask as many questions as possible, and to meet your curiosities and needs. I believe that knowledge is the solution to ignorance. Without healthy dialogue, many misunderstandings can be left on the table unaddressed. I hope to educate everyone about the rich historical and academic tradition which Islam originates from. I seek to create a space of learning where people feel comfortable and excited to express themselves and their ideas freely. At the same time, I want everyone to know that it’s okay to say “I don’t know”, or “I’ll get back to you on that”. Nobody is expecting anyone to be an expert, because this is a learning experience for all of us!

My purpose over the course of the year is also not to impose another worldview on someone, convince someone of something they don’t believe in, or make anyone feel forced to do something. Again, we are not here to debate or argue about anything. Rather we want to create a rich and open dialogue between everyone. In doing so, we are able to come to a better understanding of one another, and appreciate the differences that exist within our own student body (let alone humanity as a whole). I hope you all will be able to benefit from me as much as I will from you and look forward to speaking and working with everyone. Have a blessed year, stay safe, and healthy!