Beesan’s Page

“It is He who made the stars, so that they can guide youwhen land and sea are dark:We have made the signs clear for those who have knowledge” ~ Quran 6:97

Beesan El-Khatib
2023-2024 External Vice President

Salaam! My name is Beesan El-Khatib and I’m MSA’s External Vice President. I joined MSA because in the constant movement of our lives, I wanted something to keep me grounded and mindful of this life’s ultimate goal. Service is also super important to me and I wanted to make sure I was doing something beneficial for the Muslim community during my time in college. Some things about me…I love books, travel, and random trivia. I also love people! So please reach out with any questions or concerns and say salaam on campus! 

  • Knafah or Chnafah ? Knafah, obviously
  • Ocean or Mountains? Ocean   
  • Cheese or Chocolate? Cheese
  • Rain or Snow? Rain
  • Science or History? History
  • Morning or Night? Night
  • Driver or Passenger? Passenger princess   
  • Purse or Pockets? Purse
  • A/C or windows down? Windows

Biggest Pet Peeve

People hating on innocent things that bring others joy, and loud gum chewing