Beesan’s Page

“So put your trust in Allah, for you are surely upon the ˹Path of˺ clear truth~ Quran 27:79

Beesan El-Khatib
2022-2023 Co-Outreach Coordinator

Salam friends! My name is Beesan El-Khatib and I’m MSA’s Co-Outreach Coordinator. I joined MSA because in the constant movement of our lives, I wanted something to keep me grounded and mindful of this life’s ultimate goal. Service is also super important to me and I wanted to make sure I was doing something beneficial for the Muslim community during my time in college. Some things to know about me…I’m Palestinian and I promise to never let you forget it. I love books (reading + collecting), travel, and random trivia (Jeopardy>>>>). I’m so excited and honored to be serving on this board of truly inspiring people, Alhamdullilah! 

  • Knafah or Chnafah ? Knafah, obviously  
  • Road trips or Flights? Both
  • Savory or Sweet? Savory
  • Books or Shows? Books
  • Art Museum or History Museum? History
  • Laban or Haleeb? Haleeb (sorry Nura, you’re wrong)
  • Driver or Passenger? Passenger princess 
  • Purse or Pockets? Purse
  • A/C or windows down? Windows

Biggest Pet Peeve

People hating on innocent things that bring others joy.