Darartu’s Page

“And the forerunners, the forerunners – Those are the ones broughtnear[to Allah ]” ~ Quran (56:10-11)

Darartu Elemo
2023-2024 Female Da’wah Coordinator


My name is Darartu Elemo and I am a Psychology B.S. major with a Biology minor on a pre-PA track. I am the female Da’wah Coordinator and my mission is to provide engagement and understanding of Islam to non-muslims and Muslims. I joined MSA because I was on Da’wah crew for the past 2 years and really enjoyed my time there. I believe that this is an amazing position to hold and am honored to serve the community on campus.

  • Eat out or Eat in? Eat out
  • Early Bird or Night owl? Tough. Early bird
  • Tv or Reading? Reading (Depends on the book)
  • Skydiving or Paragliding? Skydiving
  • Text or Call? Text (depends on the topic)
  • Mac or PC? Mac sorry
  • Iced or Warm beverages? Iced
  • Pancakes or Waffles? Waffles
  • No internet or No running water? No internet¬†

Biggest Pet Peeve

When something spills or when someone flakes last minute.