Ismail’s Page

Has the time not yet come for believers’ hearts to be humbled at the remembrance of Allah and what has been revealed of the truth, and not be like those given the Scripture before—˹those˺ who were spoiled for so long that their hearts became hardened. And many of them are ˹still˺ rebellious.Know that Allah revives the earth after its death. We have certainly made the signs clear for you so perhaps you will understand. ~ Quran 57:16-17

Ismail Irfanullah
2023-2024 Internal Vice President

Salam everyone! My name is Ismail Irfanullah and I’m the Internal Vice President for the 2023-24 academic year. I’m looking forward to strengthening the bonds of the Muslim community on campus and forming meaningful relationships that last beyond my time at the U. I’m grateful to have the opportunity to serve Muslims across campus!

  • Summer or Winter? Summer 
  • Chai or Coffee? Chai
  • Plans or Surprises? Plans
  • Vacation or Staycation? Vacation
  • Night or Day? Night
  • Roommates or Living Alone? Roommates
  • Forgetting Pencil or Forgetting Notebook? Forgetting Pencil
  • FaceTime or Texting? FaceTime
  • Spend a free weekend chiling in bed or Spend a free weekend hanging out with friends? Hanging out with friends

Biggest Pet Peeve

Getting left on read, even if it’s something that doesn’t require a response.