Kanzah’s Page

˹They are˺ those who remember Allah while standing, sitting, and lying on their sides, and reflect on the creation of the heavens and the earth ˹and pray˺, “Our Lord! You have not created ˹all of˺ this withoutpurpose.Glory be to You! Protect us from the torment of the Fire.” ~ Quran (3:191)

“Kanzah Khan”
2023-2024 “Co-Public Relations Officer”


Assalamu Alaikum! My name is Kanzah, and I’m one of the PR officers for this year. Having come from a small islamic school, a majority non Muslim space was a big change for me. MSA is a way for me to be connected with my Muslim community while also participating in one of the most important things to me: dawah. My personal mission is to be able to say Alhamdulillah regardless of my circumstances. 

  • Comedy or Horror? Comedy
  • Comfort or Style? Comfort always
  • Coffee or Tea? Tea
  • Beach or Mountains? Mountains
  • Driver or Passenger? Driver
  • Summer or Winter? Neither, Autumn
  • Books or shows? Books
  • Indoor or Outdoor? Outdoor!
  • Staycation or Travel? Travel

Biggest Pet Peeve

Being consistently late