Mohammed’s Page

“With Him are the keys of theUnseen.No one knows them but He. He knows what is in the land and the sea. No leaf ever falls but that He knows about it, and there is no grain in the dark layers of the earth, or anything fresh or dry that is not recorded in a manifest book.” ~ Quran (6:59)

“Mohammed Abubakr”
2023-2024 “Co-Events Coordinator”

Assalamu alikum everyone, my name is Abubakr. I’m a senior at the U this year majoring in biology, and inshallah, I’ll be one the co-events coordinators this year along with the one and only Ibraheem. I joined MSA to be able to make an impact on the muslim campus community. Alhamdulillah, we have a very amazing muslim presence on campus, so I know that by being able to join MSA, I’ll be able to serve this community and also get ajar from Allah SWT.

  • Fresh Juice or Smoothie? Smoothie
  • Weightlifting or Cardio? Weighlifting
  • Stuffed crust pizza or Normal cheese pizza? Stuffed crust 
  • Pancakes or Waffles? Pancakes. waffles are not it
  • Card or Cash? Card
  • Workout at home or workout at the gym? At the Gym
  • Football or Basketball? Both
  • Chocolate or vanilla ice cream? Vanilla
  • New Phone or New Laptop? Laptop

Biggest Pet Peeve

People who drive slow.